Gearing up for some Fall action

It has ben a bike-free summer for me, I am ashamed to admit. There have been issues…mainly that the car I use to get my bikes to the places I ride has ben broken down, and also that the time I used to alot for riding has been taken up by walking my new dog Lucy.

Now tings have started to mellow out with Lcy a bit, and I -just now- got my beater car GEO Prizm fixed (330k + miles and still goin baby!). So, now I can actually put the bike rack on the car and get a few miles in before the end of the year.

Aside from trail and road biking, I keep thinking about BMX and going to the skatepark. I saw a company called Sapient which has BMX bikes at about half the price that you see n the Dan’s Comp catalogs, but the bikes look pretty much the same but w/o heavy marketing and branding. Since I don’t keep up with which bike company is “cool” for the BMX crowd at any moment, I am thinking that one of those bikes might be a good way for me to get back into action skatepark-wise. The GIANT that I had been using, which I bought used a few years ago just isn’t cutting it any more, especially since I bent the handlebain a crash a while back and ended up replacing them with these gigantic cheap ass GT bars tat were on some junker bike in my backyard.


Hoping to get SOME knd of riding in this year.

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