Low Seat Time Year 2011

Hardly rode in 2011. I think thats pretty ridiculous.

There were circumstances and all that, but in the end it was just laziness. Why lie?

Kind of thinking about going on a tangent and getting some sort of 24″ bike that can be used for skatepark stuff. I’m old…, 20″s seem small to me. Also 20″ seem really unbalanced to me. If I had my way I would build one that used all lightest stuff for the rear, from the cranks back,  then purposely make the front of the bike a little heavier than it need be, by way of component choices, in particular the front wheel. The front end of my current BMX bike seems like 5 lbs lighter than the rear, which makes for some scary situations. But I never ride so what the eff ever,

Wonder if I have accumulated any pics since last post. Prolly nothing you haven’t seen via other feeds…


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