Savings Gloating

The new Performance Bicycles that opened near me hosted a grand opening event this weekend where the first 100 people through the door got $20 any purchase. I’ve been known to chase a bargain down the street and tackle it, and a deal like this was getting tackled for sure.

Saturday I put the $20 towards some Louis Garneau Liberty2 shorts.


Pretty stoked about being able to actually fit in anything Louis Garneau. Last year I wouldn’t have fit in these at all.

Sunday I headed back over and put the $20 towards a Giro Transfer helmet, or as I like to call it, the BrainBucket2000 Mushroomhead Protection System.


Would love to have gotten a black one, but they were out, and the white will be a little more visible at night anyway. When I stepped up to the counter, it turns out that the Transfer was ON SALE for $10 off, so my final out of pocket price was a whopping $5.29 !! I’LL TAKE IT!

I’m glad to have a helmet again. I was in the habit of leaving my last one in the car, hoping that since I always had it with me, I would always wear it when riding. The plan went bad due to the broiling summer heat inside a closed up car MELTING the plastic skin.

So, overall I saved $50 off of about $105 worth of gear just by getting up early and making the trek over there. Thanks Performance. Even though sometimes I dog on you (still think calling Mechanics “Spin Doctors” is some stupid crap that was think-tanked by a boardroom full of non-bicyclists), you can also be pretty cool.


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