Hutch Pro Raider Spotted in the Wild

ImageHeaded into Atlanta Friday night to scoot around the Old 4th Ward doing the ol Bike-N-Beer routine, which is much more efficient than trying to barhop by car. Early on I ran into this dood running a vintage Hutch Pro Raider. Let’s tally up the points:

Points given:

  • Orig stickers pretty much intact including small circular one just peeking out of the pad on the top tube.
  • Fairly sure this bike came stock with a 2.125 size tire on the front and 1.75 rear, which appeaars to be still on point.

Points Taken Away:

  • Seat post waaay too high which will eventually either bend or possibly crack the frame where the top tube and seat stays meet.
  • No grips. Cmon man…grips are cheap, hook it up.

I’m not gonna take any points away from this guy for having a light taped onto the handlebars. I’m just not.

At first he wasn’t going to let me take a photo because he thought I wanted a pic of him, but after a sec he understood I just wanted a snap of the bike. I hope it serves him well. I hope he passes it on to someone who will care for it well when he moves on.


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