Brianna Gets The Stripe Of Honor!

So proud of Brianna for getting her first ever “Stripe Of Honor” mud splatter up the back, as we encountered unexpected -less than favorable- trail conditions on what has become our regular George Pierce to Suwannee Creek Park loop. The weather was excellent, but a few days earlier there had been crazy storm action, which left the trail all jacked up, including a section  of boardwalk where a huge tree had fallen across the entire path.

I just think it’s so rad that Brainy keeps pushing through notable “firsts” almost every time we head out. She has become pretty well accustomed to Ye Olde GT Talera, and is now actively working both the front and rear gears.

Today she had another first…riding in unpleasant overcast cold crappy weather. Awesome how during the ride our description the conditions changed to “brisk crispy excellent  don’t stop or we’ll get cold” weather. She keeps leveling up, and it is a boatload of fun to see a newbie get caught by the bicycling bug.

You’re Bad Sistah!


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