Broken Derailleur Hanger

We were three miles into our ride at Chicopee trails, and had just stopped for my friend Jay to adjust his stem, as he is still dialing in his freshly built vintage Specialized. The repair completed, we saddled up to push on, and on my first pedal stroke, I heard a heart wrenching CLUNK, felt the resistance on the cranks disappear, and looked down to see the derailleur hanging off the side somewhere around the middle of the chainstay….it was smirking at me.

Broken Derailleur Hanger

Couldn’t help but laugh! I felt kind of bad that Jay had traveled so far to ride with me, and now obviously our day at Chicopee was over. On the upside, we were only a few miles in, but we did have to go against the directional traffic for a good while in order to get back to the parking lot. I actually had a blast coasting down all the downhill sections.


Rather that waste the rest of the day, we just went back to my hut, switched out the broken ‘Goose for Ye Olde Talera, and headed over to George Pierce Park to log some easy miles. Ended up being a fun day regardless of the mechanical early on.

I was a little worried that I may not be able to find a Replacement Derailleur Hanger, but sure enough they have one at DERAILLEURHANGER.COM. Pretty stoked about that! Although I haven’t bought the part yet, so I can’t offer a testimonial on their c-serv/shipping/etc, that site does look like a great resource and if you find yourself with a cracked derailleur hanger, head over there and check them out.

The ‘ol 2007 Otero Super may be down, but she is far from out.

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