Scott Mathhauser Brake Pads


Someone is selling a 4 pack of Scott Mathhauser Brake Pads on E-bay for A HUNDRED FREAKIN DOLLARS! That’s $25 per pad for those of you that can’t do the math. Mathausers are the shiz for real, we used to sell them by card (12 pairs or so per card) to this guy who was a big time trials bike competitor back at Golden Ring Bicycle Shop. he would go through a set a week or something because he machined knurls into the sides of his rims to get better stopping power. Mathhauser also used to make a Pro Model pad that had “heat fins”, which of course I’ll have to track down a photo of now. But for real, $100 for 4 is kind of steep for a part that will wear, especially since they were OEM on NOTHING, so it isn’t like some collector needs them for a retro ride to be up to original spec. Truthfully though, if I had the loot…

Here is the link if you want to buy them.

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