GT Talera Upgrades

I’m not usually one to buy parts for any of my bikes just because they’ll look nicer. Doing that clashes with my anti-conspicuous consumption programming. But every once in a while you have to walk on the darkside right? So I nabbed a set of purped out anodized quick releases for an insanely excellent price from PorkChopBMX, which just so happens to be in Cartersville GA, so even shipped regular US Post they got here in 2 days. I like em so much I’m probably going to order a set for the ‘Goose also. I bet they’ll get here before the pedals I ordered from Dan’s since my shipment seems to have been “held up due to weather” or some such unfortunate tale.

The shiny new parts really bring out the rust spots and scratches on the rest of the bike don’tcha think?


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