New Bike Day!

Finally, after a zillion years of putting it off, I bought a road bike!!

2012 Scott Speedster 50 (S50)

scott s50 2012 new bike day_cropNow I know it isn’t as fancy schmancy as your bike, I mean hell, your a pro and I’m just an average schmo tooling around slowly. But I love this ride regardless of the lack of Dura-Ace and carbon niceties.

I got a very sweet deal on this bike at Adventure Cycles in what I believe is Braselton GA, but could also be listed as Flowery Branch…they are sort of in the no mans land in between the two.

I’ve already taken it out for a short, flat ride to give myself a little practice with clipless pedals, which I haven’t used since about 2007.  Managed to do pretty well with them so far, thanks to some excellent friends who have flowed me some hand me down gear.

This bike has “st-2300” model Shimano shifters which I swear have had a zillion miles of play engineered into them in order to make them the low end of the line. You have to push the lever like an inch to the side before it engages, and downshifting with a thumb clicker is just not stealthy at all. But I’ll make them work, at least for the first year. My last experience with STI was Ultegra, the very first year they came out. Even though that was a zillion years ago, it was hard to make the backwards jump.

What I needed was a good entry point to road biking (again), and I am pretty sure I made a good choice here. I’m always low budget, high style. Can’t wait to log summer miles on this bad boy…or is it a girl? I haven’t had enough time to feel out it’s personality and give it a proper name.

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One thought on “New Bike Day!

  1. Niiiice! Can’t wait to hear what you name her/him!

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