Milestone: Scotty gets a Flat

Took advantage of the small window of good weather to log some seat time with Scotty, my road bike. Got to the furthest point away from the car that I intended to go, and immediately got a pinch flat.

Didn’t even see the rut in the road. I was in the middle of a cool new park I discovered, which is actually closed for the winter (for cars/campers), but you can still bike in by going around the gate. It was a beautiful day, and the park is right on lake Lanier, so I was gazing around not paying attention while hurling down a hill.  Yeah, I didn’t see the rut, but I def felt it.



After stopping at the very far end of the park so Scotty could get an Instagram Glamour Shot, I hopped back on to head out and discovered the flat. Dug around in my bag to see if I had a 700c tube, but no luck. I did have 3 c02 cartridges/pump though.

At first I started to walk back to the car which was several miles away. After about a mile I got tire of the cleats grinding on the asphalt, so I decided I would try to make it as far as I could by using the c02 and hauling butt.

Used only about half of the first c02 cartridge, hoping to stretch them out, and made some good time pretty much to the top of the first decent sized hill. At the top, I used he rest of the cartridge, which was quite a bit, and big ringed it for the rest of the way.

I actually made it back to the car on a single cartridge! 

Actually, I had enough air left that I took a quick loop around the front of Historic Downtown Flowery Branch just to add a little length to the ride.

Def had fate on my side this time around, but I won’t be riding the road bike again without a couple of spare tubes and a few more cartridges. Whew!

What’s your worst “flatting during a ride” story?

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