The Mobile Social Atlanta

mobile social

Heading into Atlanta tonight, to check out a group ride called The Mobile Social, which I am pretty sure is hosted by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.  I get the impression that it’s a pretty fun bunch of folks from their Facebook Page and event invites.  The ride  happens second Friday of the month, and leaves at 6:30p from Woodruff Park (of Occupy Atlanta fame) which is the same location that Critical Mass starts from.  One difference I’ve already seen from TMS and CM is that  TMS, posts an established route beforehand.  This time around it’s a little over 9 miles, through a part of the city I have actually never been in. I like it.


The Mobile Social ends tonight at a location hosting the first night of SOPO Bicycle Cooperative Broken Hearts and Bicycle Parts annual fund raising jammity jam. It’s been a few years, but I’ve bee
n to some of the BHBP festivities before, and it was just swell Wally.

Rumor has it that Jay Starr is going to meet up with me for whole mess, which will be excellent since I go to these group ride things trying to connect with people and make some bike-people friends, but usually end up not talking to anyone cause I’m kind of shy like that. So it’ll be good to have my own crew, even if by crew I mean one person I actually know.  Low Budget Soul Riders.

One of the interesting things about a ride like this is deciding which bike to take, since I usually don’t know if there will be any urban Alpe D’Huez bizness along the way. My -go to- ride is always Ye Olde GT Talera, which is as comfortable on the street as it is on gravel or trails.  But since the route has been posted for tonight, along with a hill profile, I’m gonna opt for the ‘Pooj. I like to get some time in on the fixed gear when I can, and also, I’m pretty sure Jay is bringing a fixed, so we’ll be synced up like a couple of X-wings about to storm the trench on the Death Star.

Complication: The weather is supposed to be some of the nicest yet this year, BUT…the way it is looking, it’ll be warm enough for shorts all through the afternoon, but when the sun goes down it’s going to be a little too cold for bare legging it. So it’s gotta be thermals under bike shorts or brave the cold, which could effect the possibility of any extra miles after the group ride is done.


Another complication: Where the hell is my boozeflask? Bad Bwoy squad always bring something to put the “social” in the mobile, seen? I’m not trying to be riding around with a bunch of loose beers in my backpack, so flaskin’ it is the way to go. Also, my I left my party cooler in Greenville after a seriously high level ragemode, so I have no way to keep beers cold til ride time anyway. Hopefully I’ll find my gear before heading in.

Most likely I’ll head in early and tool around solo for a while…maybe get some slices at Vesuvius or something til it’s time to meet up with Jay.


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