Atlanta Mobile Social – Damage Report

Mobile Social was a blast! I headed into Atlanta early to beat traffic and rode a bit on the beltline, then hit Sister Louisa’s Church of  the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium for a couple of pre-ride beers. The ride was pretty well attended. I think someone said 103 people…not bad for early March and a bit of chill still in the air. The ride went into some neighborhoods I have never been through, which was perfect since I love learning more about the city, which will probably never be as familiar to me as my hometown of Baltimore.

At a certain point someone flatted and I stopped to help out along with a few other people, about 4 of us. The main group was eventually out of site, but after a while one of the group leaders came back to grab us, which I thought was very cool. Once we got underway again, we were on a pretty major street, and I was -trying to draft a MARTA bus- which was great until I hit a pothole and pinch flatted. I was pretty deep in unfamiliar territory, but I never tried to stop the rest of our “chase group” because, well, honestly, at that moment the flat was only secondary to having to go to the bathroom very very badly.  I had to prioritize, and going solo was my quickest route to dipping into a sketchy backyard for needed relief, which I promptly did.

I had some cO2 and a couple of patch kits so I wasn’t too worried about the flat. It was easily fixed in just a few minutes, BUT…when I re-installed the wheel, I gave it a spin and the flat spot became made itself known.



The top side doesn’t look too bad, but check out the bottom to get a real feel for how bad the dent is. The spoke in the pic now has zero tension. For a better gauge of how bad it is check out this 9 second vid.

Back at Golden Ring Bicycle Shop circa 1992, we had some tools that I could use to get a wheel like this pretty much back to a usable state, but I’m not gonna vex about losing the OEM wheels on a bike that is probably almost 15 years old. I’ll just get a new set.  These bad boys have served me well. Big Ups Araya!

Anyway, I eventually made it to the end of the ride, which was a fundraising  jammy jam for SOPO and was cookin’ along pretty nicely. I like the “pay what you want/donation” price for beers. Approves Heavily.

I didn’t hang out long though…once again I failed to connect with actual people.  Maybe I come off sketchy or creepy or something I dunno. Whatever.  Next day was going to be awesome weather and I had a big ride planned with a couple friends so I bailed.

All in all the whole thing was a great way to spend a Friday night, and I’m looking forward to the next one. I think if I go to enough of group rides consistently I’ll make some actual bike friends said the loser/loner/creep.


Ye Ol GT Talera needs some attention. Along with the busted up wheel, the ancient Rock Shocks have pretty much bit the dust. The rubber portion that protects the stanchion tubes has come loose on one side, and the oil seal has given way.


I’m planning to throw the rigid forks back on if i can find them. Also, the brakes have been in need of new pads since last simmer. While I have it apart I might as well go ahead and get the new handlebars I’ve been wanting for a while.

The Talera has been the most reliable bike I’ve ever owned. I’ve had better, lighter, cooler, more expensive, but never as reliable. For that, and other reasons, i just love the thing, and I’ll probably never sell it. It’ll be fun to get it dialed in with some new gear.

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2 thoughts on “Atlanta Mobile Social – Damage Report

  1. graham says:

    That bike is 20 years old this year I think. Maybe 19.

  2. […] Got a new set of wheels for my beater bike, Ye Olde GT Talera, which is a thousand years old and still jammin.  Seriously, I love that bike, it is so weird.  So Thursday night I was stoked when the wheels arrived and I could finally remove the one with the giant flat spot from that pothole I hit at Atlanta Mobile Social. […]

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