Robert Ashton

bob on 1/4 pipe at contest cira 1985

Thats me circa waaaay back in the day

I like all types of biking.  A zillion years ago I worked at a bike shop…stayed there for 7 years before moving on. I’m not going to lie…I’m slow and out of shape, but that doesn’t make me love biking any less, so I get out and do what I can. Currently running: Peugeot fixie, Giant Modem BMX, Mongoose Otero Super mountain, ancient GT Talera paved path destroyer.

UPDATE: Added 2012 Scott Speedster 50 (S50) road bike Feb 9th 2013!

UPDATE: Sold Giant Modem BMX bike June 2013.


5 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. yuko says:

    sweet. nice to see you’re back on the bicycles… are the roads in GA bicycle-friendly?

  2. robertashton says:

    ugh…no the roads are not a safe place to ride in Georgia, but it has gotten a little better since I first got here

  3. Anna (colorlover18) says:

    Bobble take more pics many many.. and down load some make youtube channel.. people sometimes like than more than your writing.. and seeing it.

  4. Curious (and, perhaps you let this out on purpose and I shouldn’t ask), but what did you “move on” to doing?

    • robertashton says:

      After leaving Golden Ring Bicycle Shop in Baltimore, I moved to Georgia and worked as a rave/club dj and record store manager til about 2002. Decided to leave the wild party lif after that and went back to school for a while, and have been doing front end web html/css and seo since finishing the silly little 2 year non-degree school.

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