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Aventon Cordoba Fixed Gear


I broke down and ordered this murdered out Aventon Cordoba fixed gear from City Grounds. I have been looking to get a new fixed gear for quite a while, and pretty much everything in my size in the under $500 has been sold out for months pretty much everywhere. When I got an HTML email from City Grounds advertising this new build, I jumped on it right away before they run out.

Of course I alreay have plans for it. The matte black offers the perfect canvas to constantly change op the look via accesorization. The most lajor plan though, is to replace the crankset with tubular chromoly BMX cranks. I finally found a mnaufacturer who makes 1/8″ BMX sprockets that are more than like 28 teeth, yet aren’t goofy looking saw blades. More on that later. I also found a suitable euro BB that will work for the mod. It’s gonna be freakin SICK. Also I won’t be scared to stomp on it once the tubies are installed. I am always afraid I am going to crush aluminum cranks.

My currentfixed is a 1984 Peugeot with a flop n chop on the bars and some Vuelta fixed wheels, which I have to say have been pretty rad condidering how low priced they were . My friend Katie iMac gave me the bike, so it kind of has a sentimental value, but I’m pretty sure it musy be sold. Gotta make some room, and I am thinking it just won’t get ridden once I have the new, currently unnamed bike.  I’df much rather have someone ride it often.

Yeah, this new bike needs a name, and I am sure one will present itself. Cordoba is a name I am just not that into. It reminds me of the Chrysler that Ricardo Montelban was hawking back in the 70’s. Welcome to Fixed Gear Fantasy Island.



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Ringle’ Quick Release Lever – The Talisman


Pictured above: My Ringle’ Quick Release Skewer/Bottle Opener / Talisman.  Here is how I got it.

Sometime around ’92 or ’93ish, me and the rest of the crew from Golden Ring Bicycle Shop headed to Interbike Bicycle Trade Show and Schwag Accumulation Event which was either in Atlantic City or Philadelphia the year we got these awesome artifacts. I’ll just go ahead and admit my memory is a little fuzzy since we always used Interbike as an excuse to get pretty wasted the night before. Anyway, whichever year this happened, here is how it went down.

We were walking around collecting a zillion tons of literature, stickers, water bottles and all the free stuff that the manufacturers give awar at bike trade shows, when we came upon the Ringle’ booth.  Zillions of sweet looking parts were on display, in typical early nineties anodized glory, and some dude was giving out these “Bottle Openers”.   The guy who was giving them out was kind of a big dude, and at some point we overheard him telling another attendee…”I’m Geoff Ringle” and I am the testing department as well as the company namesake. If I can’t break it then it is strong enough for us to sell.” I may not be exactly precise on the wording here, but that was the point he was getting across, and believe it when I say he def looked like he could destroy some parts. We were kind of stoked to be talking with the man himself, since Ringle’ parts were all the rage that year. We all got out samples and kept on pushing on.

Since then this little unit has been my trusty beer opening companion for over 20 years and still going strong! Actually, it has worn down quite a bit, and I have to work a little bit to get it to open a brew these days, but I will always give it a try before I opt for some cheaper, less meaningful mode of beverage enabler.  This is because I am convinced that every time I use this on a beer, I get a little boost of good luck.  I never go on big rides without it.

I’ve stayed in contact with the other brothers from “way back when” at the bike shop. If I remember correctly, I may be the last man standing who has one of these from our group.  I hope theirs served them as well as mine has.

I got out of the bike business in 1995, and sort of lost track of what happened to most manufacturers, and I am almost sure that Ringle’ got bought out by a larger company.  Here is an ad from the company when they were in their heyday:


To see a much more thorough collection of Ringle’ history, head over to the MOMBAT Bicycle History Pages (where I copped the ad image from thanks folks).


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Park Tool Small Parts Container Separated at Birth Twin FOUND!

My newly acquired road bike Scotty causes me to randomly wander around the internet looking for something…ANYTHING…to buy to add/change/upgrade his stock set up. So far no luck, although in a future post we’ll discuss the psychological ramifications of  looking at carbon fiber headset spacers and resisting the urge to hit the buy button. A whole mess of issues there.

Anyway, while wanderlusting the digital plains I happened across this little gem from Park Tool:

“Park Tool Small Parts Container” said the description.

Wait a minute! I’ve seen this contraption before, but not in a bicycle related setting.  Hmmm, lemme think. Oh yeah I know! This is the same thing that holds the lemon wedges that get squeezed into the top of your Corona, the olives for your martini, and the cherries that decorate your unnecessarily elaborate, overpriced and somewhat fancy looking cocktail.

This thing is a re-purposed BAR CONDIMENT DISPENSER with a Park Tool Sticker on it!

Nah. Couldn’t be that easy. Park tool are scientists…wizards of the craft, the familiar blue color letting you know that every product they produce is purpose built specifically for bicycle use, on bicycle parts, by bicycle mechanics.  So let’s investigate, I thought. Fired up the engine that searches, and whaddyaknow…



There it was on the first page of results, an unbranded twin brother/sister that most certainly was separated from it’s Park Tool match at the hospital factory assembly line where it was birthed.

Although it is unlikely that these two ever be reunited on the same workbench, both the Park Tool version (27.95), and the “Yet To Be Branded” version ($11.35) are available to be adopted to good homes.


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Ceramicspeed Derailer Pulleys

At $252.95, these derailer(sp?!) pulleys are def the “Dramatically Overpriced High End Audio Cables” of the bicycle world.


Buy them at Jenson USA before they run out.

Ceramicspeed, if you folks would like to send me a set of these to test and review, I’d be glad to give ’em a whirl, and return them afterwards. Message me if you’re down, aight?

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do think precision pulleys are rad, and I stumbled across these while searching for a swanky anodized set for my new road bike…but $252.95? C’mon now.

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State Bicycle Company meets Hipster Girl Trope at Facebook Station


Yesterday r/FixedGearBicycle was going bonkers over this photo montage that was posted to the State Bicycle Company facebook page. Although “hipster bashing” is very 2005 I have to agree it really does trot out the “hipster lifestyle” tropes…retro fancy bag filled with PBRs, the Holga cam, and footwear inappropriate for a woodsy trail but right at home at the party after the afterparty.

I actually just learned of the State Bicycle Company. Their rides look pretty rad to me. They were getting some hater love on r/fixedgear, but I think they were really getting slagged on because they have successfully packaged a product that what some people don’t want to be packagable.

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Schwinn Cotton Picker Chopper Bike

Cool Headlight and Top Bar Shifter. Drum brake on undersized front wheel. Pretty sure that is a flat surface “Slick” tire on the rear. Suspension built into sissy bar (look towards the bottom to see where it gets wider for the springs). Green socks for the absolute WIN!

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Murray Chopper Bicycle 1978



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Desoto Bicycle 1950

I love that the kid in the upper right corner looks absolutely TERRIFIED. He probably thinks that the thing has solid metal discs for wheels since the illustrator copped out on drawing the individual spokes. Or maybe he is terrified of being chased by a gaggle of skirts (re: upper left).
Cool streamlined headlight/tailight dealie.

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Huffy Bicycle 1968

Column shifter and high back sissy bar for the absolute WIN. BONUS LEVEL: check out the adverts on the fence behind the kids who are much more into playing football than riding the Huffster…awesome poster for the HUFFY RAIL dragster and also cameo appearance by random lobster/whale. Details…

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I totally loved my Redline MXIII. Mine was a custom build. Basically transferred all the parts off of my MCS Spider, then switched to a UNI Seat. I had already added some ACS Z-Rims to the MCS, so they were xferred also…black with gold spokes and some 3 piece hubs by a company called Chair, which was a Japanese company I believe.

But enough memory lane…lets examine the ad above. HOW ABOUT THOSE BRAKE LEVERS? Wow! Looks like they are running some Cycle Pro Snakebelly tires, which were always a fave of mine. These frames were very short as far as the front triangle, and very light. Funny to look back now and think that V-crossbars were really a “thing”

I don’t even remember what happened to my Redline. Most likely I sold it by parting it out. Would LOVE to have it now…

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