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“Stealthbomb” Aventon Cordoba Test Report and Bar Reduction

I have had my Aventon Cordoba for about 3 weeks now, so it is time for a review. I cal it the Stealhbomb as a nod to the matte black paint and the awesome airplanes made by the Lockheed Skunk Works. I’ll keep it short.

Overall this bike ROCKS!

My previous fixed gear is an 84 (or 86?) Peugeot which I coverted top fixed and did a flop n chop on the bars, so the Aventon is a big jump to modern geometry. Love it.  Also it has a 44t chainring as opposed to the 39 on my older bike. I’m pretty sure that the rear is a 17, but I haven’t counted and it isn’t listed in the specs. Anyway, I thought the taller gear would be EXTREMELY difficult to get used to, but it hasn’t been at all. In fact I dreaded doing hills with this new larger gear, but the momentum I get on flats and downhills seems to actually be helping level out the hills a bit.

DOWNSIDES: I trashed the pedals on day one. Toss them straight away and get something proper. I switched to the same type of BMX pedals , but higher quality models…Anumal Hamiltons. Instantly the bike became a zillion levels quieter.

I also ended up replacing the seat which was a bit small and hard for my ass section, which is larger than the average hipster type who might buy this bike. It’ll work for a while though. Don’t put a Brooks on this bike it will look stupid.

So, my final word on the Aventon Cordoba: Money Well Spent. Make sure when you get yours you tighten up the chainring bolts, crank bolts, and lock ring just to be safe.  Oh one other thing…on the City Grounds description it says the brake lever will only work with the riser bars. This is not true, the brake lever will work with the bullhorn bars also if you mount it up by the stem. It just won’t mount in the end of the bar like some of the levers out there that you may have seen. You’;; most likely need to cut a few inches off the brake cable also. Great bike. Love it love it love it.

The bullhorns it comes with are fine, but they are BIG. For me, a little too big, so I cut about 3″s off of them, and now they are perfect. Here is a before and after pic:



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Track Cycling Girl

Love this pic:

pretty sure I grabbed this one from Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan

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The Keiran @ Dick Lane Velodrome 5/8/2010

Saturday evening Graham said “come to DLV and get yourself in a better mood”, so I packed up a cooler full of cold ones and headed that way. The final rounds of their first pro racing series were due to start about 6ish. Waaaay rad poster for the events this year:

The weather was fairly cool which made it a great evening to take in some racing. Bonus level:  hottie NPR interview babe-tron Graham was recorded by last time was spacing around again with her headphones on. I love her so much.

The racing was great! We got there in time to catch some of the young riders from Bicycle Little League doing their thing. Those kids really have the spirit and it is great to see people that young already into the racing scene. My only other experience seeing young riders like that was BMX racing at Oregon Ridge Park in Baltimore circa like 1983 or something.

The adult riders were caning it proper. I took my camera but for some reason the only shots I got of any racing were on the iPhone:

Speeds were HIGH and there were a few spills. Track racing is just freakin sick when you are there in person to witness it. My favorite rider of the day was this dude Spiderman, who was all kitted out as the web slinger.  He might have gotten discounted for the novelty gear and considered an also-ran if he would have just brought up the rear every race, but he was riding fairly aggressively which made the wacky kit seem all the more wicked.

The whole evening (and I suppose a bunch of qualifying earlier in the day but I could be wrong) lead up to a really kick ass final. Here is a little vid of the final laps:

Please excuse my vertically oriented iPhone vid quality, I did the best I could. What I really want you to see if the energy of the crowd. People were hanging over the rail banging on the boards cheering on the riders…the whole mess coming to a huge crescendo with the that song from ROCKY running in the background.

While I was spacing around I grabbed a couple of snaps of this really interesting vehicle, which is used to motor pace the starts of the Kieran races.

Can’t help but wonder if it came with the Rock Shox or if someone did a little -upgrade-. I noticed that the driver was pedaling the entire time even though the motor seemed to be delivering the power. You think you can push a gear this tall?

One other thing I noticed was that the speed this thing would travel at seemed remarkable consistent. It may be diferent when you are actually on the thing, but from the bleachers it looked like there was almost no variation in speed once it got going, which is probably important when leading out a pace line of bikes that cannot stop or slow down quickly.

All in all it was huge fun, and Graham was right…it did get me into a better mood.

add me on twitter @RobertAshton 🙂

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The pics of this bike have been going around the track bikey blogs for a few days now…

Yeah its a cool bike and all that blah blah blah. But that is not why I am re-posting the pics. What I want to know is, WTF is the deal with the gigantic  holes where thye pedal shafts would screw into the crank arms? They are def not the standard 9/16″ holes, they are WAY larger.


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wait, what?

From Velo News

“Thirty-two-year-old Chris Hoy won three gold medals on the velodrome at this summer’s Beijing Olympics and 23-year-old Lewis Hamilton is the youngest-ever world champion in Formula 1 auto racing.

Despite their reliance on different tools of the trade, promoters of the upcoming Race of Champions have concluded that the two might be able to match their respective skills in a head-to-head race over the course of a twisting one-kilometer route to be constructed on the field of London’s Wembley Stadium next month.”

Apparantly, this is not a joke…read about it here

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Festival of Speed

Saturday I made the trek to East Point to meet up with Graham and check out the Festival of Speed at Dick Lane Velodrome. It was probably the biggest crowd I have seen there yet, although I will admit I haven’t been to every FOS. I walked in the gate just as the Natty Anthem was being wrapped up, and the racing started with the quickness.

My favorite type of race is the “Miss and Out”, in which the last rider to cross the line every lap is dropped from the race. This format makes every lap exciting.

Of course, the track is a total haven for bikespotting. One of my fave rides on the night was this BREW

I’m a big fan of BREW ever since I looked into places I could learn to build a frame, and found out that they custom build BMX frames as well as track, road and mountain! I would LOVE to go to their frame building class.

While watching the younger aged girls race, we kept seeing this one bike that looked different from the others…the bottom bracket was really high and it just had a different stance than all the other bikes. We weren’t sitting close enough to really figure out what the deal was on it, so after the race I headed over to scope it out…

Turns out it was an MCS 24″ frame hooked up with  fixed rear hub and drops! I thought that was just freakin awesome. Interesting application. She was running Bulletproof cranks, and I don’t know how long they were, but with that high BB surely she had no problem with pedal strike.

As evening settled in there were some Keiran races. I kind of thought the Keirans were not that exciting. What they lacked in action they made up for in speed though. Trailing behind a motorbike to draft for the first few laps = high danger level and high mph.

There was a brief intermission before the final race so I tried to grab a pic where you could see the whole track, but I couldn’t get high enough or far away enough to get the effect I really wanted. Still, isn’t it awesome that this track is right in the middle of a neighborhood?

The last race was a gigantic 60 lap Madison. The Madison is pretty wicked because the riders work as pairs and when they switch places, one rider grabs onto the other and slings him ahead to give him some momentum. This was the race I was most interested to check out.

Unfortunately, it was kind of tough to keep track of this race. My hat is off to the announcer who seemed to stay up to speed on who was where and what battles were taking place, because after a while the track was just filled with riders all over the place.

Overall it was totally worth the trip. I love the sound the track bikes make when there are like 30 of them blazing past you in a pack. Great Job Festival of Speed organizers.

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Go Fast, Turn Left

The Festival of Speed at Dick Lane Velodrome is always fun, and the third and final for the year is coming up next weekend. There’s everyone from local kids (Bicycle Little League) to big-time pros racing. Looks like there’s a fierce showdown shaping up between Team Type 1 and Jittery Joe’s. Be there!

Click the pic for the full PDF flier.

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